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Family Lines Fly Fishing Academy is driven by mission above money. All profit generated by our Academy goes to fund the greater work that we do with families through our Not For Profit Family Lines.

We never want price to be the only obstacle that keeps someone from participating, and this is made possible by those who generously give to the Erin Hagedorn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Take a moment to learn about the Erin Hagedorn Memorial Scholarship Fund [click the button below]. Then scroll down and look at the courses we are offering to you and your child for FREE. 


Select "I am interested" on the course you want. This will take you to a form. Fill it out and then get stoked! Someone from our team will reach out to you to work out the "details". 

We look forward to time on the water with you soon! 

-The Family Lines Fly Fishing Academy Team


fun on the fly


A great starting point for those new to or curious about fly fishing, and a fun memory making day together


We start by covering the basic concepts that help us locate trout in the water, we’ll take a closer look at what they eat and which fly to choose from our box, and then on to the main attraction; casting and presenting our fly to a waiting fish on the still waters of our teaching pond.  Your graduation exercise will be catching and gently releasing a live rainbow trout all on your own!  No fishing license or previous fishing experience required.

If you like the idea of tying flies and learning more fly casts, check out our Fun On The Fly Full Day.

fun on the fly

full day

This full day workshop includes everything that our "Fun On The Fly Half Day" has to offer, PLUS a chance to tie your own flies and finely tun your fly cast in our fun and challenging obstacle course


Our “fun on the fly workshop” will take us from morning until lunch.  After breaking for lunch we’ll bust out our feathers, fibers, and hooks to tie an imitation you’ll attempt to fool your next fish with!  We’ll head back down to the water’s edge armed with your new secret weapon (your fly) and spend time adding a few more fly casts to your arsenal.  A bit more time focused on controlling your loop size, shape and direction will enable you to more effectively present that deadly fly you just tied in a way the fish find more difficult to refuse! 


Mountain Streams

full day

The mountain streams of North Central Washington offer lots of adventurous hiking and casting to feisty rainbow and cutthroat trout in some incredibly beautiful places, all within an easy reach of Leavenworth. 


The trout found in these streams average 6-10 inches with the occasional 12 inch “whopper”, but on light fly rods these fish are a blast!  The skills you’ll hone while fishing these streams combined with the numbers of fish often eager to take your dry fly add up to equal some of the most rewarding fly fishing you’ll experience!  Heads up, fishing mountain streams can be more demanding physically as they often involve hiking, stream crossing, and scrambling over occasional boulders. 

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